Cancer January 2014 Horoscope

Cancer January 2014 Horoscope prediction:
Satisfied new season, Melanoma. Jan is the season when planet's collect in your solar 7th house, showed by the indication of Capricorn. Planets in Capricorn battle your natal sun. In a way, you could say they even things out. Whatever your organic wishes and passions are, they are healthy out by planet's comprising the wishes and passions of other individuals.

As planet's shift out of Capricorn, they shift into Aquarius, the other indication where planet's collect at this season. The sun goes into Aquarius on the Nineteenth. In your solar graph, both Capricorn and Aquarius highlight the individuals in your lifestyle that you are near to. Capricorn has more to do with important others and associates. Aquarius has more to do with buddies.

The Capricorn power efforts to carry individuals together, to unite. This season, the Aquarius power seems to have more to do with modify or movement; perhaps the course of a connection changes route. Perhaps some buddies keep your group and new ones get into. The Aquarius power this season can also indicate some kind of a problem or battle with a buddy. That is because Mars, a world of rage, activity and competitors, usually spends the whole 30 days in Aquarius.

Mars also symbolizes sex-related intercourse and he will be in your solar industry of…sexual activity. Sometimes problem actually alerts sex-related fascination. Make of that what you will.

What Mars will mean to you of course relies on your own particular conditions. I will say that irritated Saturn will be at possibilities with annoying Mars around the 7th of Jan. It will not actually occur, but it would be sensible to prepare yourself for a strenuous circular of ‘no’s’ in reaction to whatever concerns are being requested around that period. The two planet's are just sensation adverse then.

If you feel assaulted by those near to you, know that the feelings will successfully pass and it may have to do more with winter time grumpies and ruining off Mars-related vapor than a serious actual problem. The month’s complete celestial satellite is in Leo on the 26th and symbolizes enough time when everybody's unconscious annoying weirdnesses achieve their optimum and then start to go away.

On the other hand, Saturn is in a very good feelings with Pluto for the first 7 days of Jan, which bodes well for one particular connection in your lifestyle, most likely a loving one. On a more common observe, Saturn in the indication of Scorpio over the next few years may confirm to be very important for some of you Melanoma people. Scorpio is your indication of kids, and Saturn in this industry indicates a desire to neck more liability. Translation: some of you will be prepared to have a baby!